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EWN Board of Directors - Application

Want to be on the EWN Board of Directors?

Our board does the behind-the-scenes work that makes EWN happen - here is some more information on us, and what we are looking for!

Our year runs September - May, but our board works year-round. If you are selected, you will serve 1-3 years. After your term ends, you can reapply after a one-year break - and we encourage it!

What are the requirements to serve on the board?

  • Be passionate about Empowering Women!

  • Actively attend EWN meetings (we ask for at least 75% attendance), usually held on the 2nd Friday of the month September-May.

  • Attend monthly board meetings (we meet the Tuesday before the first Friday of the Month)

  • Attend a 4-hour planning session in June of each year

Expectations if selected as an EWN Board Member:

In addition to the requirements above, we are a working board - meaning that all the things that happen are done by our board - we expect you to volunteer your time and skills to make this organization function. We divide duties based on time and ability - do you have a unique skill or talent you can bring to the team? Make sure to list it below! During our in-person meetings, we need our board members to help set up, take down, help with registration, etc. We divide up the tasks at each meeting so that all the work doesn't fall on one person - basically- we expect you to be a team player!

Thank you so much for your interest!

Please email us at with any questions.

Do you agree to all the requirements and expectations listed above?

Thank you for your interest in membership on the EWN Board! We will be in touch!

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